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Coaching “It is all about producing results and the bottom line, we are
just starting with the individual.” Merv Rogers, MCC.

How do you explain Coaching?

“When you change behaviours you change results”

What could one expect from Coaching?

“A lot! You should expect a lot from Coaching”

If a course teaches a skills, then why do I need coaching?

“What a coach can do is assimilate the new skills into a new set of actions and behaviours”

How does coaching produce results?

“Individuals produce results. Coaching focuses on that individual’s behaviors. That individual’s behaviors all come together into a set of actions. Those actions deliver the results to the bottom line. That’s what we’re after”

Who benefits from coaching?

”The individual and it benefits the organization as well. There must be a strong connection between what the coach and the coachee are working on and the results needed by the organization”

How is coaching applied to teams and groups?

“Coaching lends itself very well to working with groups and teams on their performance.”

Why have a coach supporting a team?

”One of the powerful things that coaching will do for a team is facilitate conversations; those sticky conversations that they really don’t want to have normally.”

Explain how Coaching shifts culture.

”Think of company culture as an informal set of behaviors and traditions that we no longer question but we all just use blindly. The coach approach is brilliant in unearthing these hidden behaviors and allowing the group to decide what is working and which behaviors are not working.”

When is organizational Coaching used?

“You’re going to want to use the coach approach for situations like significant changes and strategies and corporate direction, reorganizations, and restructuring, when you’re the new leader, during mergers and acquisitions, or when a company’s performance is not what it used to be.”

How does a coach work with the leader?

“The leader focuses on the business and the coach focuses on the people that are driving the business.”

Case Study: Shifting Market Share

“Let’s take a live example from a medical devices company. This company has consistently hovered at the fourth in the marketplace regardless of what was happening in the marketplace at the time. Then they found the coach approach”

Case Study: Alignment after global re-organization.

“We used the coach approached to get everyone in the finance organization very clear on the new mission, have every person understand and in fact articulate where their puzzle piece, their contribution really fits in.”