Merv Rogers, MCC Chief Coaching Officer

I design an experience or a series of experiences for people to go through. It might show up as one-to-one coaching, focused team meetings, a leadership offsite/retreat, leadership forums or a launch of a strategy, a change or a merger, anything where people need to align their beliefs and behaviours to get the work done.
Our mission as The Leadership Partner is to help leaders and their organization to be sustainably successful. Achievable and continued success involves two components: Leadership, to inspire and encourage change; and a Coach, to facilitate the change; Together we Partner and move towards the desired outcomes Internationally (LCPI).

What Can I Expect From Coaching?

I’m Merv Rogers. I’m a master certified coach. And one of the questions I get frequently asked is what could one expect from coaching? In my opinion, you expect a lot. Coaching is a process, and whether that process is used in one-to-one scenarios with individuals or used to one-to-many, which is the groups or the teams, or in fact it’s used for large organizations, it’s the same effect. Coaching has the power to take the group, the individual from where they are to where they need to be. And why is that so powerful? Well, it’s because that’s exactly what we need to do in business. We need to take today’s business results and even double it and triple it. In order to double it or triple it, we need new behaviors. We need new ways of operating. We need new ways of thinking. The coach is the one that helps the individuals or the groups to do that, to process the kinds of thinking they need to think, to ask the questions they need to ask, to step into the areas that they’re not comfortable stepping into. All of those things are brought to the table by the coach. It’s the clients, frankly, that do the work. It really is up to the teams to step up and work with the coach, and it’s up to the organizations to align themselves in the direction of the company. But that’s what a coach does. That’s the job of the coach, is to encourage and motivate those to do just all of those things.

How Does Coaching Produce Results?

Individuals produce results. Coaching focuses on that individual’s behaviors. That individual’s behaviors all come together into a set of actions. Those actions deliver the results to the bottom line. That’s what we’re after. We continue to adjust the behavior and align the behaviors to what the company needs to drive, actions then follow suit, and results were achieved. It is about results in the bottom line. We’re just starting with the individual