Chief Coaching Officer

Merv Rogers, MCC

Merv Rogers is a Master Certified Coach (MCC) and Chief Coaching Officer of Leadership and Coaching Partner International,“The Leadership Partner”, a people-oriented company offering a partnership in coaching, leadership development, course design and large group programs across North America and Europe. His unique and successful coaching techniques have enabled clients to expand their thinking.

This has allowed them to see broader perspectives about how their personal style, behaviours and business relationships can better align with their natural skills and talents to deliver sustainable business results. Facilitating a shift in perspective focuses upon the client’s concerns around how to apply their natural talent, how to reach the next skill level, or how to forge more productive relationships with others.

The fundamental goal, however, is to deliver today, while laying the groundwork for progressive, sustainable growth in the future.

Professional Experience

Merv spent the first part of his career with IBM Canada where he worked and managed for both the Hardware Service and Software Integration Divisions. He started his professional coaching practice in 1996. From executive boardroom sessions to large audience facilitation or one-on-one sessions, Merv is equally comfortable and adaptable to many diverse environments, individuals and industries that exist in the world today.

Business and Organizational Results

Leadership Forums, Global Boards, Workshops, Team and 1:1 Coaching offered globally helped clients handle their multi-cultural, multi-geographic work environments. It is in these environments a shift in perspective becomes critical.

This year marked 12,200 hours of coaching that successfully benefitted clients belonging to a broad cross-section of industries. These clients came from fields as diverse as large retail, pharmaceuticals and medical device manufacturing, information technology, banking, hospitals, construction, telecommunications, manufacturing, space agencies, as well as governments agencies and non-profit organizations.

CEO/CFOs, Presidents/Vice Presidents, General Managers and a host of senior management to senior professionals have trusted Merv to help them accelerate their own personal/professional development with the sole purpose to produce exceptional results in the businesses that they run.

His latest research into shifting and transforming organizational cultures shows the decisive impact that behaviours and belief systems have in sustaining a high-performance culture. Coaching is the key tool used to shift organizational cultures (behaviours), particularly when the execution of good strategy consistently fails.

Certifications and Professional Qualifications

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Why choose Us

I design an experience or a series of experiences for people to go through. It might show up as one-to-one coaching, focused team meetings, a leadership offsite/retreat, leadership forums or a launch of a strategy, a change or a merger, anything where people need to align their beliefs and behaviors to get the work done.

Our Mission

Our mission as The Leadership Partner is to help leaders and their organization to be sustainably successful. Achievable and continued success involves two components: Leadership, to inspire and encourage change; and a Coach, to facilitate the change; Together we Partner and move towards the desired outcomes Internationally (LCPI).

What you get

The power of the coaching process, it provides clarity, accelerates development, it engages people into their future, it defines and aligns behaviors and actions. It is the actions that produce the new results and the new acquired outcomes. This all applies whether it is coaching one-to-one, with teams or across entire organizations

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