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Individual coaching bridges the gap from where you are to where you want to be. It accelerates their growth in their development. It also benefits the bottom line.

Impact your business faster.

Understand what your team needs to improve for better return and the results that your business needs

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In order to develop your business, you need a well-thought plan. The power of the coaching process provides clarity, accelerates development, engages people into their future, defines and aligns behaviors and actions.

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Chief Coaching Officer

Merv Rogers, MCC

Stepping up and firmly into what is possible for the individual, team or organization requires designing an experience or a series of experiences for people to go through. It might show up as one-to-one coaching, focused team meetings, a leadership offsite/retreat, leadership forums or a launch of a strategy, a change or a merger, anything where people need to align their beliefs and behaviours to get the work done.

As your leadership partner, Merv takes the leader and the audience through envisioning what they want, how each of them fit their puzzle piece into that future picture, what behaviours and beliefs are needed to be successful and finally what personal and collective actions are needed to be successful.

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Accelerate Growth and Development.

For Individuals

Individual coaching benefits the individual and the organization. It accelerates growth and development. It also benefits the bottom line.

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Rapidly Increase Performance

For teams

Coaching lends itself very well to working with groups and teams on their performance. Since it’s a focus on development and growth, the process of coaching helps the team clearly define where they are and where they need to be.

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Engage The People

For Organizations

Successful organizations use coaching beyond the one-to-one and into the one-to-many. Implementing a coaching approach to changing and transforming and aligning organizations is very, very doable, and for successful companies, is their competitive edge. It changes company culture.

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  • Customer Testimonails

    My experience with Merv has been excellent. With Merv, I realized that things ended up being almost tailormade, because of the way we were. But with others for instance, especially with these big consulting houses, hasn’t been that great.

    Sofia CFO, Pharma
  • Customer Testimonails

    Merv creates structure and asked us hard questions that we had been unwilling or unable to ask ourselves. His insights brought immense clarity to our business and people challenges and helped us get motivated to solve them.

    Kerry Managing Partner, Marketing
  • Customer Testimonails

    Merv has the effect of empowering you to grow into your role, and take decisions with confidence.

    Jason Commercial Vice-President, Healthcare

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