Coaching a medical device company grew their marketshare

It was safe being #4 in the market. Bonuses were still being paid. Then a new CEO arrived. Being fourth is no longer acceptable. A change of mindset across the entire organization was required.

Let’s take a live example from a medical devices company. This company has consistently hovered at the fourth in the marketplace regardless of what was happening in the marketplace at the time. Conversations with critical influencers reveal that there was an unwritten comfort level, kind of an unwritten behavior set that they’d like to be number four. It was safe. It’s what they knew. They were still getting their bonuses anyway. We had to design a developmental experience to shift the mindset, to shift the risk comfort level, to infuse champions into the organization, and all using the coaching approach and coaching philosophy that empowers individuals. That developmental experience was made up of a variety of initiatives. A first-ever leadership forum focused on developing a winning mindset and a purposeful, measurable process to cascade and engage every single employee into the leadership direction. The outcomes were exciting and profitable: a very clear leadership direction was understood by each employee, a management group [skilled?] to take more risk and go after more deals, and an employee base who understood their role and their contribution to the overall success of the company. 12 months later, they were number three in all the key product categories and they still advance. Their CEO is, needless to say, very happy

Merv Rogers is a Master Certified Coach (MCC) and Chief Coaching Officer of Leadership and Coaching Partner International,“The Leadership Partner”, a people-oriented company offering a partnership in coaching, leadership development, course design and large group programs across North America and Europe. His unique and successful coaching techniques have enabled clients to expand their thinking.

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