Following a Coaching Client over a span of 9 years

Jason Hales, a long-term coaching client, was asked to speak candidly about his experience with Merv over the years. This is a transcription of that interview.

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I am Jason Hales, a healthcare professional with 30 years of experience. I engaged Merv as my coach at critical times throughout my career growth. Starting in a role in Marketing to the C-suite.

If you are ever getting into a new challenge, getting into a job that’s above anything you have experienced before, then my only advice to you would be to get a coach. Get somebody outside of the organization to advise you, a coach, not a mentor. Because that’s important. Merv has coached me into leaving companies! It’s the right decision to go. It’s not the right place, or the right manager that you have right now. So change it. It’s not that I am not able to do it. Rather he is helping you to draw a conclusion, clarity and certainty.

And there would be instances when we didn’t need to talk, sometimes nine months to even a year. But every time we had a Coaching session, it was like we were able to pick up from where we left. Because that trust, that wavelength has already been established

Merv Rogers is a Master Certified Coach (MCC) and Chief Coaching Officer of Leadership and Coaching Partner International,“The Leadership Partner”, a people-oriented company offering a partnership in coaching, leadership development, course design and large group programs across North America and Europe. His unique and successful coaching techniques have enabled clients to expand their thinking.

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