Reorganization for Global Alignment

The Finance organization reorganized for global alignment. The coach approach got everyone in the finance organization to be very clear on the new mission. Every person understood and was able to articulate where their contribution fit.

Two years ago, this finance organization reorganized itself for global alignment. We as the coach approached to get everyone in the finance organization very clear on the new mission and have every person understand and in fact to be able to articulate where their puzzle piece, their contribution really fits in. The coach was essential in helping the team set new standards for themselves. New standards of behavior, new standards of performance. Have conversations that allowed them to define how are they now going to interact? What’s the demarcation points? And who’s going to work with who so that they can really deliver? And it worked exceptionally well. A year later, the sales and marketing organization did the exact same reorganization. Our work was back with the financing organization; the organization we started with, not because they were broken but because the leader knew very well that they had to pick up their game in order to achieve and beat the tsunami of change that was ahead of the entire organization. They had two roles. They had to grow and change and operate. Ready for that onslaught of change that was happening in the rest of the organization and happening around them, finance was herald as a true partner to the business. A wish and a desire and a goal that they had hoped for many years but they achieved because they focused on it this year. And they were a powerful change agent for the entire organization

Merv Rogers is a Master Certified Coach (MCC) and Chief Coaching Officer of Leadership and Coaching Partner International,“The Leadership Partner”, a people-oriented company offering a partnership in coaching, leadership development, course design and large group programs across North America and Europe. His unique and successful coaching techniques have enabled clients to expand their thinking.

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